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” So glad I found this place! From the moment you walk in to when you check out, the team at skin goes above and beyond to make your laser experience pleasant.
I suffered from really bad acne (including cystic acne), and within a few months (of a few laser acne treatments – I had a few different types of laser) I have acne free skin and am almost at the post of even skin tone. Really a miracle. Thank you!” I am thrilled to be of antibiotics and lotions and creams. ~ YELP

“I’ve been going to the Troy center  for years for various treatments, ranging from uneven skin tone, acne treatments to laser tattoo removal and little things in between because everything they do works.  I was always seen right on time and they got me in and out quickly and professionally. So refreshing to have a place that respects my time and schedule, and they provide top notch services. Highly recommend!” ~ CitySearch

“I scheduled a medical facial last week in Troy and it was THE BEST facial experience I have ever had.  Who knew that you can get a medical laser facial? Those red lines from pimple picking around my nose are all gone and so is my hyper-pigmentation from post acne scars. Wow – lasers can accomplish what would normally take months if not over a year to achieve. Thank you!” ~ YELP

“I had my first appointment the doctor’s at the skin and laser center and decided to jump in with both feet. I had Smart Lipo and Cellulaze fat and cellulite reduction on my abdomen, muffin top, and inner thighs – it was not an impulse decision I did a ton of research. The procedures were very tolerable and I knew exactly what to expect from my consultation and pre-procedure visits. I am a little over two months out at this point and could not be happier. I can actually wear shorts and a bathing suit without complete embarrassment. Having these procedures done here is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Let me say that I have never ever been cellulite free even as a teenager. I am more skinny fat than fat fat but still always had cellulite. I do not anymore. Modern technology is mind blowing. Thank you Dr. Gowda and truly wonderful staff!~ YELP

“Called and scheduled my first chemical peel with Kelly, from whom I’d previously received a lactic acid treatment and microdermabrasion with and loved loved the results. She remembered me over the phone even though it’d been at least 6 months since my last visit. I arrived at the office and was greeted by the always pleasant Kelly. In the treatment room, we discussed my options. Sarah always errs on the conservative side with my treatments, so I trusted her when she said we could do a light chemical peel on my skin . After a minute or so of light tingling (she placed a fan in front of my face to cool it), she applied SPF to my face and gave me care instructions.  My skin is peeled (as she said it would) and it revealing beautiful, smooth even skin toned skin underneath. Kelly is AWESOME. She’s my key to maintaining clear, beautiful skin!~ CitySearch

“I recently had the BEST experience the medical laser center in Novi! I will never go anywhere else again!! The staff is so friendly and accommodating, and they really educate you on the proper treatment that would best suit your skin. I had wrinkle issues and sun spot issues but they are no longer an issue. How come I did not know about laser skin rejuvenation earlier? All I can say is that it works (FYI – I underwent 4 sessions in 2 months)”. ~ Vitals

“It’s been awhile – several months to maybe a year now – since I finished my laser hair removal treatments. I do not shave my legs at all. And it’s awesome. Seriously some of the best money I have spent. Ever. I didn’t realize how much it would change my life. But being able to wear a dress or skirt without worrying about stubble = awesome. What a time saver. Super cool to not ever have to think about shaving your legs. I’m writing this review now for an update – I went to Dr. Gowda’s this time for help with my skin – it was getting pretty bad. I was in the sun a lot this summer and my skin started to show pretty bad signs of it – brown spots and color splotches. My face was also showing signs that I smoked – dreaded smoker’s lines, marionette lines, and some wrinkles and I also had slight old acne scars on my cheek (not a lot but enough to sigh about). As an attractive woman in my forties, maintaining my appearance is of value to me. I decided to have CO2 laser. I knew that I would be down for the count for a while after the procedure but thoroughly trust Dr. Gowda, a board certified plastic surgeon, to do the laser CO2 on me. The results are beyond amazing! For about four days I looked like Shrek. I knew this would happen so it was ok. After the 5th day I went out and about but was still a pussy and red. Yes, it did require me to not have vanity to do this. After the 2nd week I was a new person! I have not looked this good in two decades. If you are considering CO2 laser just remember there is recovery associated with it but it was totally work it. ~ YELP

“This is the best facial in Troy hands down.  I have been to more expensive, highly acclaimed facialists in the Detroit area but the results were nothing like what you get here. They do not offer an out of the box solution but rather tailor thieving to your skin and your expectations. The results and personal attention keep me coming back. The top-notch staff always fully prepares you and listens to your concerns and desires. The results are stellar.  I went yesterday to have some spider veins removed from my nose, they had annoyed me my whole life. Really. I don’t think it was pricey, the results were instantaneous.  I am pleased.” ~ HealthGrades

“Kelly is awesome. Before I started my IPL sessions here, I had problem skin. Now, my skin is much clearer and brighter, and less oily and acne-prone.I have combination skin. It was too dry so it over-produced oil and then next thing you knew, I was breaking out. This has been the story for all of my adult life. Now that I receive treatments every 3-4 weeks, I no longer have these issues. I have a new level of confidence. Yay.” ~ CitySearch

As a best in class board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mune Gowda, MD, FACS provides highly personalized and comprehensive care. His philosophy regarding the doctor/patient relationship is based on trust and has earned him one of the most respected reputations in South East Michigan. The top rated plastic surgeon uses the latest laser techniques to provide the most natural-looking results possible from your laser treatment procedure.

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